Britney Spears’ New “My Prerogative” Perfume Commercial Will Have You SHOOK: Must-Watch

britney spears my prerogative perfume

Britney Spears made me lose some sleep yesterday evening. Why? At the very late hours of Wednesday, the princess of pop simultaneously uploaded a video on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts that showed a “personal edit” of the never-before-seen scenes of the “My Prerogative” perfume commercial and behind-the-scenes footage - all soundtracked by an amazing mysterious beat (very “Get Naked”).

OH MY GODNEY! That was so hot. The leg-spreading bed scene had me SHOOK.

Now you see why Britney made me lose sleep? After this was uploaded I simply had to repeat it over and over again non-stop last night and then suddenly I realized it was 4 a.m. ONLY FOR BRITNEY!

Britney hasn’t promoted her new perfume (in stores since this summer) that much and I guess she’s trying to keep up now. This “footage”/new ad was awesome and she promises there’s “more” coming. Maybe a third commercial for Christmas time?

By on October 4, 2018
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