Britney Spears’ “Domination” Las Vegas Residency Has Been Announced But The Announcement Was Awkward As Hell: Watch

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britney domination vegas event

Britney Spears announced her new Las Vegas residency “Domination” last night (Oct. 18) live from Sin City. Well, actually someone made the announcement for her (keep reading and you’ll see this messy announcement). “Domination” will kick off in February 2019, it will take place at the Park MGM Resort, and tickets will go on sale at 10am PT on October 26th (next week). However, if you are subscribed to Britney’s fan mailing list, you will be able to purchase exclusive early tickets starting today!

Dates announced (click image to expand):

Now the announcement… oh boy. This was streamed live via The Ellen Show’s YouTube channel last night. The announcement event was held at the Toshiba Plaza in Las Vegas and the hilarious Kale Allen was the special correspondent. Kale was there to do a minimal job but he ended up being kind of the star of the stream. He had to improvised a lot due to Britney’s tardiness (things got a really awkward and there were been cringey silent moments) and when Britney finally arrived she just said hi to her fans in the crowd with her hand and abandoned the event after literally 3 minutes. She spoke nothing. So Kale Allen ended up doing the announcement, lol. He was the one who mentioned the name of the new residency, the ticket information and everything! Haha. I can’t. You gotta love Britney. Queen of silence and quick exits!

Will you go see this new residency?

By on October 19, 2018
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