Bridgit Mendler Gets Sick & Twisted In “Atlantis” Music Video: Watch Now!

bridgit mendler atlantis video
bridgit mendler atlantis video premiere

YES new indie queen Bridget Mendler! Slay me all the way!

In all honesty I hadn’t really paid too much attention to Bridgit’s new single “Atlantis” but this just-premiered music video has changed everything. I am a fan now, and a big one, of “Atlantis”.

Bridgit’s new EP “Nemesis”, where “Atlantis” will appear, will be released digitally in early November.

The title of “Atlantis” is a metaphor of what Bridgit Mendler is trying to say in this indie-pop song (whose whole vibe is totally giving me to Selena’s “Good for You” in vibe), which is that her relationship with this guy has totally 'sunk down', and is as deep as the lost city of Atlantis: i.e, they're over.

For the Allie Avital-directed music video, Bridgit wanted to stay true to the concept of the song. And she kind of did - in a more twisted way!

The music video (watch below) shows beautiful and totally-blossomed Ms. Mendler breaking into the house of this guy, who’s totally passed out on his bed, with her best girl friends. Bridget will take a selfie with the dude, and then she will drag him to the living room and throw a party right with her girls - not really caring about the health state of the guy (he’s still there passed out). Then will come the next morning , and everybody will wake up - except the guy, of course, who’s still passed out (OMG, what did he drink or injected himself?). Bridget will then drag him back to his bed, and this is where the music video will get even more twisted. Bridget will kiss the guy on the cheek and will start dancing, looking oh-so-fly, in front of him. Suddenly, when Bridgit’s giving some of her best moves, the guy will open his eyes. Video over!

bridgit atlantis

A commenter on the music video’s YouTube page thinks he’s truly cracked the true "story" Bridgit wanted to convey with this "Atlantis" video - it’s a bit out there I think but it might be it! Who knows!

"He's an alcoholic. look at the bottle by his bed. Thats why their love is gone. Something happened during there relationship that made him this way but she cared about what the public thought so she took fake pictures so everyone would think it was fine. I think her friends were supposed to be the public and the media prying into her life and relationship hence the party. you see the two girls dance while she’s just holding him, which is probably how the public makes the relationship look like, a party."

Liked the video?

By on September 27, 2016
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