Breaking: Kylie Minogue’s New Album “Golden” Out This Spring!

kylie minogue golden album

Breaking: Kylie Minogue’s New Album “Golden” Out This Spring!

Are you ready for Kylie Minogue’s comeback?

The Australian queen released “Kiss Me Once” in 2014 and “Kylie Christmas” in 2015, so it’s been at least three years without the “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind” singer releasing something new. But that will change this spring of 2018.

It’s just been announced that Kylie Minogue will release her fourteenth studio album entitled “Golden” this spring (meaning it could arrive in March, April or May. However, April is what rumors are pointing out right now).

“Kiss Me Once” was not the bomb, at least not to me personally, so here I’m for Kylie to finally please me and release a “Fever” or “Aphrodite” 2.0s. I need the bops this spring!!!

PS: According to the poster at the top of this post Kylie will be in Paris later this month to do some promo for the new album. So then we’ll learn new details about the new era. Hopefully she’ll speak about the sound of her new songs and reveal the title of the first single.

For specifics, I want more bops like this:

What kind of bops do YOU want?

By on January 10, 2018
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