Breaking: Gwen Stefani & Fergie's New Singles ("Baby Don't Lie" / "L.A Love") Premiering VERY Soon!

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What a great day for Fergie and Gwen Stefani fans. It’s just been confirmed that both pop stars will be premiering their brand new singles in just weeks! (I was totally not ready, and has someone seen my jaw on the floor?). And in the case of Fergie Ferg we could be hearing her new single in just a few days if the reports that have just surfaced online are indeed true.

The first news were broke by Star 941 FM radio director Haze who posted on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon (September 16) that he had heard Gwen Stefani’s new single in full and that it was titled “Baby Don’t Lie”.

Then, PopJustice reported that Interscope’s, “a site that lists current and upcoming radio releases”, in a very serious slip-up revealed that Gwen’s “Baby Don’t Lie” would premiere on October 6.

According to Kurt Trowbridge, another person who saw yesterday’s slip-up on - which was quickly corrected by removing any ‘embargoed’ information, he says that there was revealing details of Fergie’s new music too. Without giving any song title, Twitter user Kurt mentions that Fergie's new single premieres next 'Monday'.

Then, very late on Tuesday, Billboard’s Associate Director of Charts/Radio Gary Trust dropped the bomb. Fergie’s new single is called “L.A Love (La La)" and it impacts on radios on September 30.

Does this mean what Kurt Trowbridge saw on was the “iTunes release” of Fergie’s new single? Because Kurt wrote on Twitter “Monday” meaning September 22, and Gary tweeted September 30 clearly stating it was radio premiere. So I’m a bit confused in Fergie’s case. Monday looks too soon, and Interscope hasn’t promoted anything. Anyways, if we believe Kurt, we’ll be hearing Fergie’s new single in just a few days! And if he’s lying, then just wait till September 30.


By on September 17, 2014
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