Brazil’s Anitta Releases English Version Of “BANG” And The USA Better Get Ready For It! [Listen]

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If you live in Brazil, you definitely know who Anitta is - and if you don’t live in the South American country chances are you’ve seen her much-viralized “Bang” music video on YouTube. Anitta’s “Bang”, the latest single from the Rio de Janeiro-born singer’s third studio that she released in Brazilian stores in the last quarter of 2015, is a huge hit in her home country, and its music video is about the cross the 200 million views mark on Youtube. How was this feat possible? Well, it partially was thanks to the viralization of the music video. It’s been posted on blogs, forums, it’s gotten a lot of organic popularity on YouTube from people who randomly found the video and was instantly hooked on the song and had to watch it millions of times - but no doubt what’s helped the music video the most was its feature on the “React” channel earlier this year. That particular Anitta “Bang” reaction video has, as of this post, over 3 million views! (spectacular!).

Original version

Having conquered Brazil with “Bang”, a catchy song with an infectious saxophone-y/mainstream urban production, a sensual vocal delivery by Anitta, and sassy lyrics (I did my Portuguese research), and having seen the massive following of the music video online, Anitta, who is not a fool, just did what we all knew was going to happen eventually. She released on Sunday, June 5th, the long-awaited English version of “Bang”. The song is exactly the same except for, evidently, the lyrics, which are now fully in English, and now everybody can understand all of the sexy things Anitta was singing in the original.

This is Anitta’s first English-recorded song, and I have the feeling that if she and her label play their cards right, they can totally obtain some success in the USA. I mean, if Psy did it with Korean with “Gangnam Style”, why couldn’t Anitta do it with Portuguese with “Bang”? This is also a song with a super catchy production!

Oh my god, by the way, I’m so ready to see Anitta twerking all over US television!

Hit or Miss?

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By on June 6, 2016
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