Bonnie McKee - 'Sleepwalker' (Music Video)

Halloween has come sooner for Bonnie McKee. The girl who's penned numerous hits for Katy Perry re-launched her solo career this year - after a failed entry to the music industry in 2004 with an album called "Trouble" - first releasing the highly-catchy "American Girl" as her new 'debut' single this summer, and now, starting the Fall with the follow-up, a kind of dark, but still a lot catchy, electro-pop song named "Sleepwalker". Watch its music video above, which Bonnie uploaded to her YouTube page today, October 17.

She had announced "Sleepwalker" as her "potential" first single in an interview very early this year, but in the end, she either changed her mind, or Epic forced her to, and released "American Girl" instead. It was for the best, in my opinion, having heard "Sleepwalker" in full now. "Sleepwalker", although it being a fantastic song, wouldn't have had the impact "American Girl" had on the charts, and radios this summer. That's my personal thought. Plus, "American Girl" feels like the true style of pop Bonnie will show in her upcoming second album. "Sleepwalker" is less generic, but less "hit"-sounding too.

"Sleepwalker" can fall into the dark electro-pop genre. Is it addictive? Yes. Is it catchy? Yes. The electro-pop beat is nothing generic, but well-produced, and Bonnie, again, delivers another set of radio-friendly lyrics. Is it better than "American Girl", though?. Like I said above, "American Girl" was a fantastic, almost perfect, pop song, that was more crafted to be a hit than "Sleepwalker". I can deal with it being single #2, though. This will serve as test if the US audience feels the risqué Bonnie, or the radio-friendly, all-pop Bonnie more.

As for the "Sleepwalker" music video, it was directed by Patrick Hoelck and it has a spooky, vampire/zombie theme. A massive house pool party is taking place, and this one girl finds out she's the only one not affected by this virus that turns people into "sleepwalkers". Bonnie will defend her newly-found friend, give her a lesbian kiss, and run away with her. What the girl didn't know? It was all a trap, as Bonnie's a "sleepwalker" too. Say what!?.

Great video, and nice move by Epic to make it all coincide (single + video premieres) close to Halloween. Download "Sleepwalker", and play it loud at your Halloween party!

What do you think of the video and song?

bonnie mckee in sleepwalker video
By on October 17, 2013
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