Bonnie McKee Performs "American Girl" and Medley of Hits at KIIS FM Exclusive Show

bonnie mckee photoshoot 2013 american girl

The same day she premiered her new single, "American Girl", alongside its accompanying buzz video, on June 26, pop star in the making Bonnie McKee performed an exclusive showcase before a few lucky listeners of KIIS FM at an undisclosed venue in Los Angeles. Watch below Ms McKee singing live her incredibly catchy new song "American Girl", as well as a video of her performing a few of the hits she's penned for your favorite artists, such as Katy Perry's latest #1s, Ke$ha's "C'Mon", or Taio Cruz' "Dynamite".

Keeping it simple on stage, only accompanied by a guitar man, and her piano, Bonnie McKee truly slayed and sent a direct message to pop's current 'it' acts to watch out, 'cause she's coming! It ain't clear yet what will happen if "American Girl" becomes a major hit, and therefore Bonnie's solo career takes off. Will she stop writing for other artist?. For instance, Lady Gaga used to pen songs for Britney, Fergie or The Pussycat Dolls back in the day, and now that she's big, well, she doesn't have to anymore. Hopefully Bonnie won't follow this doing 'cause Katy Perry or Ke$ha would be in dangerous trouble, lol.

Back to Bonnie's KIIS FM show, she was really good. She has the vocals, and it's only the 'charisma', or audience connection, or stage presence, not really sure what it is, but something is missing in the 'department', that she was to work on, but she's just beginning and that will come with practice. For now, I hope "American Girl" smashes, it's so good.

Are you loving "American Girl"?

By on June 28, 2013
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