Bonnie Mckee Drops Explosive New Single "Bombastic": Listen In Full

bonnie mckee bombastic cover

Bonnie Mckee is a bad ass girl and she ain’t afraid to say it in her new song. The former Epic Records signee is releasing next month (June 30) a four-song EP titled “Bombastic” and the title track, co-written by “See You Again” singer Charlie Put and liberated today on iTunes, is the official lead single.

The best way to describe the song is as a 80s metal-influenced electro-pop song, and a bit (or too?) reminiscing to Kesha’s “Blow” hit – you’ll immediately spot the similarities.

I like everything about “Bombastic” and I love the fact it’s a unique sound for Bonnie – which is super positive! I mean, it’s always great to stand out and gain popularity for a unique style and not look as an “another one to the bunch” artist by jumping on the ‘what’s trendy now’ bandwagon.

Loving the “Blow”-esque bits, the delicious and well-rhymed verses, and that potent chorus that makes me want to grab a leather jacket and rock the hell out of an electric guitar and do a crowd dive.

I guess the days of the “Teenage Dream”-sounding Bonnie are over and we should now welcome an edgier version of herself.

Sucks she’s now releasing her music on an independent label, Pulse Recordings, though, as her talent deserves major label big time. Hopefully once the “Bombastic” EP is released either Universal or Sony (again) become interest in her.

Hit or Miss?

By on May 25, 2015
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