Billie Eilish Premieres Spooky “When The Party’s Over” Music Video: Happy Early Halloween!

billie eilish when the party is over video
billie eilish when the party is over video premiere

Spooky princess Billie Eilish has given her latest single “When The Party’s Over” the official music video treatment and I’m loving it. Like I’m obsessed. The video, premiered last night (Oct. 26) on YouTube, is so Billie Eilish, it’s frightening, and it’s Halloween-ready. Your faves could never! Her label better protect her. Billie Eilish is an artist that will definitely leave a mark in the music industry as her career progresses and just keeps getting better and better.

In the “When The Party’s Over” music video you will see a blue-haired Billie Eilish quietly sitting on a chair in white room and drinking a mysterious black dense liquid from a glass. Unfortunately it will turn out she made the wrong decision. For that black liquid will start pouring out her eyes non-stop freaking Billie Eilish the hell out and it will reach a point where the black liquid will fill the whole room up. Will Billie face lethal consequences? I guess you better check the video for yourself to get your answer! Hehe


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Billie Eilish when the party's over clip

So what happened? Grr!

By on October 26, 2018
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