Big Time Rush and Taio Cruz Debut New MVs: "Music Sounds Better With U" & "Troublemaker"

American boyband (that's right, I said American...) Big Time Rush premiered this last weekend their official music video for "Music Sounds Better With U" - The Ryan Tedder-penned pop number serves as BTR's lead single from their forthcoming second album "Elevate", which will be released in the USA on November 21st. For those unfamiliar with Big Time Rush, these quartet of good-looking dudes rose to fame in the US thanks to a Nickelodeon television series - called 'Big Time Rush' duh - which narrate the Hollywood misadventures of four hockey players from Minnesota—Kendall, Logan, James, and Carlos, after they are selected to form a boy band. It seems the show is doing good there, hence the strategic move of signing Big Time Rush and allowing them to release music.

Anyhow, back to "Music Sounds Better With U", I'm liking the song, despite it sounds a bit generic and dated TBH. But since Big Time Rush's target audience are girls from 8 to 16 years old, I doubt this will be a problem, lol. As for the music video, it was alright. I kinda enjoyed. The guys had fun, and most importantly they transmitted 'uplifting' feelings. Best of luck to 'em!

Moving on to Taio Cruz, the British star has finally unveiled the finalised and official version of his "Troublemaker" music video. An illegal/rough copy of the Martin Weisz-directed clip was leaked on the Internet last month. It all points out the Swedish House Mafia-produced banger "Troublemaker" will serve as the international single of Mr Cruz' upcoming album "TY.O" (December 6th). I suppose Europe will like this one better, as opposed to "Hangover", the electro-pop sound will attract more people without a doubt. Plus, the song is good! The music video is a bit cheap though. I would have done a club-themed visual instead.

What do YOU think of these music videos?

By on November 13, 2011
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