Beyoncé Uploads "Love Drought" & "Sandcastles" Music Videos On VEVO: Watch!

beyonce love draught video
beyonce love draught video premiere

Beyoncé Uploads "Love Drought" & "Sandcastles" Music Videos On VEVO: Watch!

Following her mind-blowing performances of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” at the 2017 Grammy Awards, genius Beyoncé uploaded the full music videos of these two “Lemonade” songs to her VEVO account last night. Was it an expected move? Yeah. Are we thrilled about it no matter what? Like OBVIOUSLY!

*Two outstanding music videos finally available for unlimited streaming on YouTube and in HD! (WOOT! WOOT!).

As for the videos’ plots, well, we’re pretty sure we’ve ALL watch them before “somehow”, so there’s not much to comment, but a quick summary would be: “Love Drought” sees Beyoncé crying and suffering a lot, and “Sandcastles” sees Beyoncé and Jay-Z cuddling, smiling together and overall just showing a lot of PDA.

Indeed, two very opposite music videos!


By on February 13, 2017

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