Beyoncé Makes Pop Comeback With Ed Sheeran's "Perfect" Duet: Stream Now!

beyonce perfect remix

Oh sweet Jesus, I wasn’t ready for this. Too many emotions that one whole box of tears-wiping tissues won’t be enough. Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé released their previously announced duet, remix version of “Perfect” in the late hours of Thursday. The new version of the latest “÷” almost immediately rocketed to the #1 position on iTunes (USA). And to the anger of Ed’s rival pop artists, the song following the “Perfect” duet version is “Perfect”, the solo version! (lol). He’s amassing all the big sales and loving it. Will this remix make “Perfect” shoot up to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the coming weeks (or even the next one)? Have no doubt about it. This was unquestionably the number one reason why Ed’s record label fought for this Beyoncé duet. And soon they will get their prize.

The new “Perfect” version with Beyoncé is more perfection. “Perfect” was already perfect in its original version but Beyoncé has done the impossible and made it more perfect. Now we get the point of view of a female in the song, which makes total sense, and a set of vocals that mix beautifully with those of Ed. There are no “new”, per se, in this duet version; Beyoncé simply changed the feminine pronouns of the original version for masculine ones.

How cool was to hear Beyoncé singing a pop ballad again? I know it’s going to be very difficult to see Bey recording a pop album again but if she agrees to record pop collaborations like this from time to time I’ll handle. Urban and R&B love Beyoncé but pop music too and this “Perfect” duet version is a reminder. Bey sounded beautiful under this production, her adapted to pop vocals were immaculate, and the nostalgia of hearing Beyoncé singing in a song like this felt so good. I was immediately transported to the days of “Listen”, “If I Were A Boy” or “Me, Myself & I”.

By on December 1, 2017
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