Beyoncé & Jay-Z - "Everything Is Love": Album Lyrics + Stream

Beyonce And Jay-Z everything is love


Beyoncé and Jay-Z just dropped a brand new joint album titled "Everything is Love".

The album is made of 9 tracks and the R&B singer and the rapper are featured on each of them. No individual songs.

"Everything is Love" is currently exclusively available on TIDAL. If you don't have a TIDAL subscription, you can use the embedded player at the bottom of this page to hear 30-second snippets of the 9 songs of the album.

The album "official" announcement was made tonight (June 16) during the London concert of the "On The Run II" tour. Beyoncé and Jay-Z put "ALBUM OUT NOW" on the big screen.

Favorite songs?

The Lyrics

1. "Summer"

2. "Apeshit"

3. "Boss"

4. "Nice"

5. "713"

6. "Friends"

7. "Heard About Us"

8. "Black Effect"

9. "LoveHappy"

The Stream (UPDATE: Now on Spotify!)

By on June 17, 2018
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