Betty Who Will Snap Necks With Her New Single “Look Back”: A Must-Listen Bop!

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Betty Who Will Snap Necks With Her New Single “Look Back”: A Must-Listen Bop!

Australian pop singer Betty Who released a new single entitled “Look Back” a few days ago and it’s a bonafide bop. If you hadn’t listened to it until now like me, then shame on you. We’ve missed such a good bop for three days!

Look Back” is the second single from Betty Who’s upcoming third studio album, which will be her first independent album after she was dropped from RCA Records a few months ago. I’m personally so happy that she’s still doing music and decided not to put her career on indefinite pause after her label drama. She has so much talent, as seen in her two studio albums to date, and although she hasn’t enjoyed major global success, probably a bit of RCA’s fault too, her talent is there and she just needs to keep going. I’m hopeful one day very soon she’ll be a household name in every pop-loving corner.

Back to “Look Back”; it’s a bop, a sexy bop, and a bop with one amazing production. That beat is just everything, and it hits so hard. I’m impossible not to get possessed by it. Play me this beat when I’m on the dancefloor and I’ll just lose it. As for the lyrics, Betty Who sings about being capable to entice any man she wants with her on-point physique. Her attraction power is so potent men will snap their necks chasing her with their eyes and heads. “Homie don't snap your neck / When you rotate your head / I'm as goodie good as it gets / The kind of dime you love”, sings Betty Who on verse 2.

Cant’ stop replaying this!

And by the way, how hot does Betty Who look on the single artwork (above)? She’s coming so hard this era I have the feeling she’s going to make RCA regret dropping her when her hits-filled new album gets released later this year.


By on March 12, 2018

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