Benny Blanco & Calvin Harris Release Chill Bop "I Found You": New Song Premiere

benny blanco calvin harris

Benny Blanco is ready to move on from “Eastside”, the hit featuring Khalid and Halsey that performed so well in the U.S, Australia and across Europe. The second single from the Virginia-born producer is “I Found You”, a collaboration with Calvin Harris. The Scottish didn’t just help Benny out by doing some co-producing of the chill dance-house beat of the song, Calvin also helped out by being the official and only vocalist on “I Found You”. That’s right, guys; singing Calvin Harris is back! And you know that these days if Calvin chooses to go back at singing is because the song deserves it and it is a certified hit, and that’s exactly the case of “I Found You”.

"I Found You" is a chill bop, you can dance to it alone with your drink in your hand in the club, Calvin’s vocals are usual so soothing, the lyrics about finally finding someone or something after a long journey could mean something different to everybody and that’s a great label of ‘relatability’, and yeah, this is a great solid track and no doubt it’ll be a consecutive hit for Benny.


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UPDATE: Music video added!

By on November 2, 2018
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