Becky G Mistaken For Fifth Harmony Fan, Apprehended By Security: Watch

becky g security run in fifth harmony

This is a mess of epic proportions. Poor Becky G did not deserve to be treated and humiliated like this.

Fifth Harmony us currently doing a small tour in Latin America and last night they were in Buenos Aires, Argentina to perform a concert at Luna Park Stadium before almost 10,000 fans. “Mayores” singer Becky G is acting as the official opener in all dates of this Fifth Harmony “for their Latinos fans” tour. Everything went smooth and amazing at the first show in Chile over the weekend, but last night at Fifth Harmony’s show in Buenos Aires, there was a major incident. Not related to Fifth Harmony, though, but to Becky G: she was humiliated by one of the members of Fifth Harmony’s security team.

First watch and next we comment:

So Becky G grabbed a flag of Argentina and ran onto the main stage from backstage to go wrap it around Dinah’s hips for her dress had ripped and her “booty” was partially showing. Unfortunately, one of Fifth Harmony’s security men mistook Becky G as a random fan and he tackled her and strongly removed her from the stage. Fifth Harmony were performing “All In My Head (Flex)” at the time. You can hear in one of the videos above fans in the crowd screaming “that’s Becky G!!!!”, but unfortunately the security guy couldn’t hear them. Eventually, while Ally was singing her verse, she walked a little towards the backstage area and pulled Becky G back on stage, where she could finally complete her booty-covering mission. In one of the videos above, you can hear Becky G arguing with the security guy as he removed her. She probably was explaining him the situation and who she was. “My arm kinda hurt but they just doing they job”, wrote Becky G on Twitter after the concert basically saying it was all clarified. She is however a little bit injured because of this guy grabbing her arm so strongly and pulling her off stage so quickly.

Our thoughts? Evidently it was all a misunderstanding, not intentional but we really think there should be consequences for this person who made the mistake. Isn’t he always keeping an eye on the stage? Didn’t he see Becky G PERFORMING as the opening act? That’s his job too. To know the artists performing at the event. And he clearly didn’t study his stuff. Becky G was humiliated last night because in some way he didn’t do his job right. It’s not just protecting the famous people, it’s also knowing who they are!

By on October 3, 2017
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