Becky G Looks Too “Grown Up” In Lil Jon’s “Take It Off” Music Video: Watch

becky g take it off video
lil jon take it off video

It’s been two years since Lil’ Jon has had a major hit. Back in 2014, he smashed the charts with “Turn Down for What”, his collaboration with DJ Snake - which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

So what has Lil’ Jon come up with to hopefully put an end to this “hits draught”? Attack the Latino music market!

This past summer month of July, Lil’ Jon dropped a clubby one-off new single called "Take It Off", featuring Latina princess Becky G and reggaeton star Yandel.

Lil’ Jon promoted this hip/hop-EDM-reggeaton hybrid at every party he was invited this summer as well as at Latino media in America. The result? "Take It Off" is thus far peaking at #48 on the Latin Billboard Hot 100. Not bad at all!

Three months after the release of "Take It Off” - whose lyrical message I think is quite clear for everybody - Lil’ Jon’s finally decided it is time to premiere the music video. And he did so last night (Oct. 4) via his VEVO channel. Will this glossy music video finally help the song crack the Top 40 on the Latin Billboard Hot 100 and potentially lure English-speaking radios in the US to play the song too? Time will tell!

yandel take it off video

Directed by Daniel Duran, the official "Take It Off” music video sees Lil Jon, Becky G and Yandel partying at a Las Vegas club as well as includning footage of some of the concerts Lil Jon and Yandel have played together promoting "Take It Off”.

Video is alright, it's energetic, and it makes sense with the type of song this is. However, what I didn’t like much was how Becky G looked in the video. Who did her hair and especially her make-up? I could barely recognized her in some scenes, and in the ones I could she looked like a 40-year-old woman, and she’s just 19!


By on October 5, 2016
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