Becky G Is Back At Singing In English! Stream “Zooted” Now!

becky g zooted

I had to pinch myself at least three times just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. But it’s true! Becky G is back at singing in English! It’s been like what? 3 years? Yeah, 3 years since her last English single, which was “Break a Sweat” (if you’re wondering; yes, it was a flop and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She would then move to just singing in Spanish – with much success!).

Becky G’s new single is titled “Zooted”, it was released on digital platforms this Friday morning, and it’s a collaboration with Farruko (so it’s not entirely an English song in the end as Farruko raps a verse in Spanish) and French Montana.

How long has this song “Zooted” been in the works? I would say a very long time. And I say this because I don’t think Becky G – after all the flops she’s had with English songs in her pre-reggaeton days – would rush to record another song in English just like that. She’s won the right to wait for the right track and wait for the right moment (which is now as “Zooted” could target the same audience as the “I Like It” (Cardi B) fans).

Zooted” is an infectious trap song about having a great time and being intoxicated from many things, including love.

Becky G also premiered the official music video for this single today. The visual fits the song to perfection as it sees Becky G having a blast and a ton of alcohol at massive house party. She will also debut a blonde look in here!



Read the lyrics to "Zooted" here

By on July 20, 2018
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