Becky G Attacked By Crazy Fans In Mexico, Cries On Video: Watch

becky g hurt by fans

Poor Becky G. She just can’t catch a break. First she was confused for a Fifth Harmony fan in Argentina and violently removed by a person of security from the stage, and now she’s been attacked by a group of crazed fans in Mexico. The Inglewood singer-rapper is in Mexico City where tonight she will open for the Fifth Harmony concert scheduled. However, last night, after possibility entering her hotel, she was ambushed by a group of crazed fans who instead of following the directions of Becky G’s bodyguards of backing off, they did the opposite and just went to get her at all costs, causing a violent situation which culminated in Becky G actually getting hurt. The “Mayores” singer, clearly shaken up, recorded a video that she posted on Snapchat just minutes after this incident took place where she cried, explained the situation, revealed that she’s a girl who easily suffers from anxiety, and asked fans to please behave when they try to approach her to give them selfies or kisses or hugs, and to please respect the work of her bodyguards.


I feel so bad for her. She was clearly upset. Fans need to chill. You just can’t get “physical” with an artist just because you want to. If he or she allows it, then ok, approach the artist and taker your selfie or give the hug or kiss. But if he or she tells you no, or the security team tells you to back away because they feel the situation could turn ugly, they off you go. Because look at Becky G, she’s the vivid example of what can go wrong. People can get hurt.

We’ll see if she refers to this incident at the concert tonight at the Mexican capital.

Update: Becky G has also tweeted

By on October 10, 2017
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