Becky G Admits To Like Older Men & “Big Ones” On "Mayores": Song + Video Premiere

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Princess of singing in Español, Becky G, has released a brand new single to cyber world: “Mayores” featuring Bad Bunny. The reggaeton-ish upbeat, sultry track is another one-off single from the Yellow Power Ranger to be added to the long list of singles of the same one-off category she's proud to have. It seems she has no rush whatsoever in releasing a full-length Spanish album just yet. She’s having fun with her one-off singles and these are working so well for her, money-wise.

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Mayores” hears Becky G admitting she has a thing for older men. She has the D.I.L.F syndrome. She likes men who are both gentlemen, who will gift her flowers and open the car door for her, and who are amazing lovers in the bed. And in her head, older men (“mayores”) are the kind of men who check off those two requirements. All of the lyrics of this new Becky G single revolve around this theme, so the track should be all sexy and fun, right? Well, you’re right and wrong. You’re right because, yes, “Mayores” is mostly all sexy and fun, but you’re wrong too because there’s a part of the song where it gets actually too nasty. There’s a lyric that says: “A mí me gustan más grandes / Que no me quepa en la boca”. This translates to English to: “I like them big, so big that they don’t fit in my mouth”. Yes, angelic and innocent Becky G is not so angelic and innocent anymore. She just said in a song that will be heard by millions of people that she likes big penises! I swear to God I drop dead when I heard this “me gustan grandes” lyric. I had to repeat it because I thought I had heard them wrong at first. But no, Becky G did really said it. So nasty! But so OK too. Becky G is now an empowered woman who can say whatever she pleases. But damn, girl! Not sure moms will let their little girls listen to your music anymore, lol.

The music video for “Mayores” premiered today too. The final scene sees Becky G and Bad Bunny locking lips after Becky G steals all the money and jewelry from a rich older man. Ehh… you could do so much better than Bad Bunny, girl. You should have only given him a kiss on the cheek and that’s it.

By on July 14, 2017
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