Awkwardness: Big Sean's Ex Naya Rivera Sings Ariana Grande's "Problem" On New 'Glee' Episode (Video)

naya rivera glee problem

Everybody knows the tragic love story of Naya Rivera and Big Sean, right? The two got engaged in October 2013, but just a few months later they broke up and on the month she would have married the rapper, Naya Rivera married her long-time friend Ryan Dorsey instead - whom she had allegedly begun dating soon after she split from Big Sean. Three months after Naya's wedding, Big Sean confirmed he was indeed dating pop superstar Ariana Grande; although rumours indicate that the two had initiated the ‘fling’ early in 2014 when recording the hit song “Problem” (and shooting the music video for it) while Big Sean and Naya Rivera were still believed to be an item.

So the common believe out there is that Big Sean cheated on Naya with Ariana and that’s the reason why they broke up.

naya rivera glee problem episode

Fast-forward to January 2015. The new and last season of ‘Glee’ began airing last night, Friday, January 9th on FOX and on the first episode there’s a scene where Naya Rivera, as Santana Lopez, is in cheerleader mode and has to perform Ariana Grande’s “Problem”. TOTAL AWKWARDNESS!

For real? Now that’s just being mean. Episode 1 of Season 6 of 'Glee' was shot back in September 2014, so screenplay writers of the musical TV series knew about the whole Naya Rivera, Big Sean, and Ariana Grande triangle situation, and still they thought it would be OK to make poor Naya cover Ariana’s “Problem” song on the new season!

I mean, why did it have to be “Problem” and not “Break Free” for instance? “Problem” will always be remembered as the song that led to the Big Sean and Ariana relationship and the motive for Big Sean’s break-up with Naya, so making Naya cover “Problem” on ‘Glee’ is just messed up, in my humble opinion. Wouldn't be surprised if Naya is feeling somewhat stupid right now and wouldn't want to read what people are posting on Twitter. Having to sing the song of your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend on your show with that girl being the chick with which he cheated on you? Lolzzz!.


By on January 10, 2015
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