Avril Lavigne Reveals Artwork of Next Single “Tell Me It’s Over”, Song Is Out On…

avril lavigne tell me its over

We knew the title, we knew a little bit of the lyrics but we didn’t know the release date and we had yet to see the official artwork. But here are the last two now. Avril Lavigne’s new single “Tell Me It’s Over” will be released on December 12 and its artwork is the big photo you can see above. She revealed it all on her social media accounts a few minutes ago.

“Tell Me It’s Over” will follow-up Avril’s massively successful comeback single “Head Above Water” (released in September, reached #1 on iTunes U.S).

By the look of the lyrics it appears we’re in for another big Avril Lavigne ballad/mid-tempo. And you know how much I love her in these slow tempos. Avril always does a melody right and serves epic vocals precisely when I need to be taken to church.

We all better give Avril a new #1 on iTunes next week! Queen deserves nothing but success in this comeback era. “Head Above Water” (her new album will be called like this too) will arrive in stores in early 2019. You ready!?

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By on December 5, 2018
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