Avril Lavigne - Smile (Music Video!)

Avril Lavigne - Smile (Music Video!)

Avril Lavigne world premiered the music video for "Smile" via VEVO on Friday, the Max Martin & Shellback-produced uptempo track serves as the official second single from the Canadian pop singer's latest album "Goodbye Lullaby" - I like the single choice! I know Avril wanted "Push" instead, but I think the good vibe "Smile" has and the fact it's a great uptempo record by Max Martin will make it a decent summer single. I also love "Push" but that would be more appropiate for a Fall release IMO. Avril gotta give us the uptempos first which obviously will have more repercussion on radios, and the "Goodbye Lullaby" project can't risk that at all with a ballad now. The album is not performing as expected and a fail single would be its death. I'm happy Avril has been able to pull out a profitable tour from it though.

As for the "Smile" music vid, it was directed by Shane Drake (Panic!, Paramore) and filmed in mid-April. I'm feeling it! The clip reflects both sides of the song, the rock-ish/punk side and the vulnerable ones with the lyrics. BTW, Avril should think keeping that green hair! Fits her well!

By on May 20, 2011

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