Austin Mahone Premieres OFFICIAL “Put It On Me” Music Video…And It Aint’ That Bad! Sage The Gemini Is Finally In It!

austin mahone put it on me
austin mahone put it on me sage the gemini

I just knew it!

As I predicted, Republic Records has decided to "push" Austin Mahone's "Put It On Me" as an official single. The Sage The Gemini-assisted pop/urban jam is by far Austin's best song in a very long time and his label is finally realizing/admitting it. The track was included on the Texas-born young singer's "This Is Not The Album" mixtape - which Austin released online in mid-December.

In October last year Austin Mahone released a super cheap music video for "Put It On Me"(at the time believed to just be another random free song from Austin) on YouTube that he filmed while vacationing with some friends in a resort in Florida. Sage The Gemini wasn't even the video! (Austin had to lip-sync to Sage's rap!). Although I really hated the video, I still was "feeling" the song, and I still had hopes Republic would realize that "Put It On Me" was worth of promoting. And, many months later, they finally did! Why? Because Austin premiered yesterday (March 3) the OFFICIAL music video for "Put It On Me" - directed by Gil Green, and paid by Republic Records.

The music video is a black and white affair that sees Austin at his killer loft in L.A (yeah it must be L.A) getting really hot and heavy (and touchy) with his on-screen girlfriend. Sage The Gemini does appear in this official video and will be seeing hanging around with label mate Austin wearing similar "urban" outfits.

This has to be Austin Mahone's most "mature" video to date. The way he interacts with "his girl" on the video is unheard of him - lol. Sucks that he's not anymore with Becky G, huh? Would've been interesting to see how their chemistry would be if Becky was the one playing the lead girl role in this video.

So...this music video is alright/decent - much better than that cheap mess he premiered last year - and I really hope Republic doesn't take too long to send "Put It On Me" to radios. I really think the song might have a shot this summer.

What do you think of the video?

By on March 5, 2016
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