"Attention", Charlie Puth's New Single Is Out: Listen Now!

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"Attention", Charlie Puth's New Single Is Out: Listen Now!

Charlie Puth premiered a new single called “Attention” by surprise this Friday morning (April 21) and that can only mean one thing: a new album is coming! The “Nine Track Mind” follow-up is within our grasp! Can you feel it already? There’s no fixed release date for the new LP yet, just the lead single out, but expect Charlie and Atlantic Records to comment on it in the next few days.

Listen to “Attention” by way of YouTube below!

If Charlie sounded really cute and vulnerable in his first album, he’s going for a more mature and edgier sound for album #2. “Attention” is a head-nodding, shame-throwing disco-ish mid-tempo song where Charlie calls out a fake girl who’s just playing with him, who doesn’t care about her heart, and who only wants “attention” to look good.

As per usual, Charlie offers us a high dose of his angelic vocals in this new song.

There are some hard notes in “Attention”. Can't wait to see Charlie nail them live!

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By on April 21, 2017

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