Ashanti Drops New Single "Say Less" Featuring Ty Dolla Sign: Stream

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Ashanti Drops New Single "Say Less" Featuring Ty Dolla Sign: Stream

Ashanti’s new single “Say Less” featuring Ty Dolla Sign was released this Monday morning on all digital platforms (following an accidental failed release a few days ago). “Say Less” is allegedly the first single from the R&B singer’s much-anticipated sixth studio album. Ashanti’s last album “BraveHeart” was released in 2014. So it’s definitely been a minute since Ashanti dropped any new music. Her fans were dying with impatience.

Say Less”, a sassy R&B-urban track produced by DJ Mustard, hears Ashanti singing stuff like the following to her future baby-daddy: “This is your body / Ain't no way I could hide it / I wanna be your top supplier / Cause I'll provide this all to you”. Ashanti has locked her eyes on a guy and there’s no way nobody is going to steer her away from her goal of romance.

After a couple of listens, we’re still on the fence with this one. We love Ashanti, we want her to do well, but this new single “Say Less” hasn’t slayed us on the first listens. But we’ll give it a few more. We think our problem is with how the song is structured. The hook is all over the place and the ending of the song left us cold. But hey, at least Ashanti got Ty Dolla Sign on the song and that’s definitely going to attrack some immediate audience!

By on November 6, 2017

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