Ariana Grande Is ROYAL In "Beauty And The Beast" Music Video: Watch The Premiere!

ariana grande beauty and the beast video
ariana grande beauty and the beast video premiere

Why was Emma Watson and not Ariana Grande picked up for the role of Belle in the new “Beauty and the Beast” remake again? Ariana Grande is way more princess-y than Emma, hands down. If you don’t believe us just take a look at the “Beauty and the Beast” (song) music video uploaded on VEVO last night. Ari promised the visual would be out on Sunday and that was certain.

The music video sees the “Break Free” chanteuse singing Beauty and the Beast” in the most amazing and epic royal-ready red dress ever as her subjects dance around her and John Legend plays the piano in the castle. We kid you not when we say this is the best Ariana Grande has ever looked fashion, hair, and make-up-wise. Whoever was her stylist for this music video shoot needs to get his salary raised ASAP. And Ari should totally think of keeping forever this all-straight hair look. Looks so good and classy on her (much better than her signature high ponytail we all grew to hate).

The Dave Meyers-directed music video also features unseen scenes from the “Beauty and the Beast” remake which will hit theaters in the U.S on March 17th.


By on March 6, 2017
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