Anitta Slays "Is That For Me" & "Will I See You" In Acoustic: Watch

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Anitta Slays "Is That For Me" & "Will I See You" In Acoustic: Watch

Anitta stopped by the Billboard headquarters yesterday to perform a “Billboard Live” session. In an acoustic setting, the Brazilian pop princess performed intimate renditions of her latest singles “Is That For Me” and “Will I See You”. No word yet on whether Anitta has plans to promote these songs on major US television shows but for now this “Billboard Live” session will do. It’s true too that not everything depends on Anitta. “Is That For Me” is a single from Alesso and “Will I See You” is a collaboration with Poo Bear, so it depends on them too to clear their schedules and be willing to spend their money or their label’s money to book a performance on a late-show, etc.

At her “Billboard Live” session, Anitta effortlessly slayed. She may not have the most impressive vocal register in the world but Anitta knows how to put her instrument to best use. She doesn’t need big notes when she can simply slay being calm and sexy with her vocals. And these two acoustic performances she did for Billboard prove the point. She was amazing!

Keep taking over the world, mama!

By on November 7, 2017

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