Anastacia - "Stupid Little Things" [Music Video]

Anastacia is the Queen of the (Las Vegas) desert in the music video for "Stupid Little Things". The best song she's recorded since 2004's "Left Outside Alone" is the first single from the Chicago singer's forthcoming sixth album "Resurrection".

And, boy, it is a 'resurrection' for Anastacia! Who would've thought the 45-year-old singer could pull a 'comeback' song of this epic magnitude?

"Stupid Little Things" is just everything and beyond. It's pop-rock, it's powerful, and it's Pink-esque! Add all these ingredients in a bowl and add pinch of Anastascia's signature vocals, and you will have an 'explosive' hit waiting to happen.

Enough of praising the song, though, now let's praise the video!

anastacia stupid little things video by train

Anastacia's latest video haven't been of the highest budgets, and this new one isn't an exception, but the music video for "Stupid Little Things" didn't really need a high-budget, just a lot of Anastacia's fierce facial expression, a 'strong' attitude, high-heels, and 'extensions' popping. Oh, and all of these in the Las Vegas desert.

P:S: I JUST have to learn that knee 'choreography' at 3:00!!!!

What do you think of the video?

anastacia stupid little things desert
By on March 21, 2014
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