An Era Concludes: Melanie Martinez Premieres "Mad Hatter" Music Video!

melanie martinez mad hatter video
melanie martinez mad hatter video youtube

It was the only music video that was missing and she finally delivered it. Melanie Martinez premiered the official music video for her song “Mad Hatter” today on YouTube. “Mad Hatter” was the last song of her 2015 debut studio album “Cry Baby” that had yet to receive the music video treatment. 2 years later, it’s finally got it!

The “Mad Hatter” music video was “written, directed and conceived” by Melanie Martinez herself.

Explaining the treatment of the music video, Melanie wrote on social media:

“In this video my stuffed animals represent the few genuine friends in my life and their constant ability time and time again to support me in being myself even when I’m forced to be in environments where I’m told and expected to fit a specific mold”


So cool!

Melanie has one mind-blowing imagination.

What a great way to wrap up the “Cry Baby” era”

By on September 23, 2017
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