Ally Brooke Tried Hard On 'Corden' But "Low Key" Is Still Doing Very Low Key On The Charts

ally brooke low key performance james corden
ally brooke low key performance
ally brooke low key performance cbs

Ally Brooke is trying. I really thought a TV performance wasn’t going to happen anymore by looking at how poorly the song is performing on the charts. But her label did make her wish come true. Probably at a loss but whatever. Ally Brooke had her first TV performance of “Low Key” earlier this week on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on CBS. The performance was hot. She looked incredible, her dancing and overall stage presence was that of an adorably fierce mini-diva, and it just couldn’t get any better. Well… if she had sung live, it would have been the perfect performance. But I understand the lip-syncing due to everything she had to do on that stage.

Unfortunately, the performance has had no major impact. As of this post, “Low Key” sits at a disappointing #96 on the U.S iTunes Top 100 Songs chart. Is it fair to say “Low Key” is a flop and will remain a flop? Sadly, yes. I live for the song but there’s just no way it is going to reverse this fate. Moving on to the next single would be the best option for Ally. That next single needs to be something totally different as the general public just didn’t appreciate Ally’s take on pop, urban/pop in this occasion. She better come stronger next time or she’s going to end up like Dinah and Lauren.


By on April 11, 2019
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