Alicia Keys Blesses Us With Unreleased Song "When You Were Gone": Listen

alicia keys when you were gone

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of her third studio album “As I Am”, R&B songstress Alicia Keys opened the vault last night and gave fans an unreleased track from said album, which spawned hits such as “No One” or “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”. The “new song” in question is titled “When You Were Gone”. And here's how Alicia described it:

“This is one of the very first songs I came back from Egypt and wrote. Maybe it was the second song, the first one had a whole Egyptian vibe, I’ll play that for you one day too. But this one really started to create the sound that ‘As I Am’ has. We were experimenting with a lot of keyboards and sounds and styles of recording, and we were all about breaking boundaries and writing things in new ways.”

When You Were Gone” is glorious. And it's just a blessing every time we get to hear Alicia putting those beautiful vocals of her in action on new music. We seriously cannot wait until her next studio album.

Stream “When You Were Gone” via SoundCloud below

By on November 11, 2017
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