Alexandra Stan Goes From Darkness To Light In "Give Me Your Everything" Music Video

alexandra stan dances in a forest

Alexandra Stan is coming at us like a dark horse in the music video "Give Me Your Everything", the new Rihanna-circa-“A Girl Like Me”-inspired single from the Romanian singer’s sophomore studio album “Unlocked” – which hits stores in Japan today, August 27th, while other countries will have to wait till September. The dark-Caribbean song "Give Me Your Everything" (read our review here) is officially the fourth single from new Alexandra LP. Four official singles in just 5 months? Not bad!

"Give Me Your Everything" music video review

Just like the song, the "Give Me Your Everything" visual also has dark vibe.

Alexandra will wander into a dark forest where she'll encounter a mysterious person whose face can’t be seen. After doing a sexy choreography – with plenty hand/arm movements – Alexandra will step into a “white” – happier - realm full of light. Peace, however, is quickly interrupted when our mysterious friend comes into scene again. She will chase the black-clothed character into a space where is all pitch-black. Instead of being afraid, the Romanian blonde singer will pose before a mirror and execute her “limbo” choreography. Finally, when she thinks of having lost that mysterious person forever, Alexandra finds herself in a jungle-like setting where she will at last be able to interact with our faceless friend, remove his mask, and see his true identity. The end. Ah! Who was he!? We only get to see a lot of white light coming out of him. He didn't seem to be a bad guy in the end, though. Why would white light come out of a villain's face, right?

The "Give Me Your Everything" video will definitely keep your on your seat till the end.

alexandra stan in white dress

What do you think of the video?

By on August 27, 2014
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