Alexandra Stan - 'All My People' (Music Video)

'Mr Saxobeat' star Alexandra Stan has a brand new single out, in an attempt to dominate dancefloors this upcoming summer of 2013, entitled "All My People". This is a catchy track that sees the 23-year-old singer joining forces with Romanian production team and fellow Maan Studios signees, Manilla Maniacs. Ms Stan premiered the audio of "All My People" earlier this week on Soundcloud, and today, May 3, she's unveiled the single's official music video on YouTube. Watch now above!

"All My People" is in theory the third single from Alexandra's upcoming sophomore studio album. Its predecessors were; "Lemonade" and "Cliche (Hush Hush)". These songs kind of passed unnoticed last year, so it seems Alexandran's been locked up in the studio with her Maan Studios producers working on 'that' song that becomes the true successful follow-up to 2010's "Mr Saxobeat". Is "All My People" the one?. Well, it's definitely different to the stuff Alexandra's released in the past, but I just don't see it as a European monster hit. "All My People" is catchy - although the lyrics don't make much sense - and Manilla Maniacs' distorted-voice feature in the chorus is cool.

As for the "All My People" music video, much like the lyrics, the 'concept' of the video (if it has any) doesn't make much sense to me. Police is looking into this disturbance at an industrial site. Ms Alexandra Stan is there striking poses, 'werking' on a bed surrounded by surveillance cameras, and performing choreographies as she sings "All My People". In the end, the police seem to be late, or have gone to the wrong place??. Oh well.

What do you think of the song, video?

alexandra stan in factory in all my people music video
By on May 3, 2013
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