Alexandra Stan - 'Lemonade' (Music Video)

*Sips's delicious!* Summer cannot begin without a new Alexandra Stan single - The Romanian pop star slayed the European charts, and thousands of dancefloors last summer with her smash hit "Mr Saxobeat", and in the almost-here summer of 2012 she'll strive to repeat the same success with...'Lemonade', a brand new 'fresh and funky' single, which was (evidently) written and produced by her close buddies; Andrei Nemirschi and Marcel Prodan from the Maan Studios in Romania. Will Alexandra score a consecutive summer (European) hit? Place your bets!

For now, Ms Stan is going at it full throttle; giving fans the audio premiere of the new single, along with the official music video on the same day! Watch and listen above! "Lemonade" is definitely a 'fresh' track. I already like it better than 'One Million', and 'Get Back (ASAP)', but it falls quite short on doing damage to the oh-so-flawless 'Mr. Saxobeat'. "Lemonade" is very 'instant' though and I forsee a great future to it on the European charts. However, it'll need a few killer remixes to become a bona-fide 'club' hit, that's for sure. As for its accompanying music video, it's one of Alexandra's best works yet! Finally her label gives her a decent budget to work with. The clip opens with Ms Stan in her home kitchen squeezing some fresh lemons to prepare tasty lemonade drinks to serve later at a street party. There, the 22-year-old singer meets new friends, and does a group choregraphy in a 'gypsy' outfit. It's all very cute!

What do you think of the music video/song?

alexandra stan lemonade video screencap

By on June 4, 2012
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