Alexandra Stan - 'Cliche' (Music Video)

Romanian pop star Alexandra Stan unexpectedly premieres a brand new single - with its accompanying music video - called "Cliche (Hush Hush)", a song that sees the 'Mr Saxobeat' chanteuse step away from her 'signature' (very saxobeat) sound to test other 'dance' waters...Check it out!

"Cliche" ain't very catchy but I like the pre and the main chorus. Plus, the song is super remixable, I can already imagine fist-pumping new versions. I wonder why she decided to put on hold her 'saxobeat' style for this more generic territory?. I mean, just check out Inna's case. She moved away a tad from her super-cool, semi-corny eurodance sound and now she's flopping. Her last album "I Am the Club Rocker" spawned no hits ("Un Momento" and "Sun Is Up" do not count). And homegirl is probably now hitting her head against the wall regretting having moved too much from original roots. But maybe Alexandra Stan's fate can be different...we'll see. For now, "Cliche" does have some potential...the remixes, and club support will be fundamental here. As for its new music video - watch above - it sees Alexandra serving pure sexiness. Her clip is like a mix of Paulina Rubio, Twilight and J.Lo's 'Dance Again' (the orgy scenes).

What do you think of video?

Alexandra Stan - 'Cliche' (Music Video)

By on September 27, 2012
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