Alexandra Stan - 1.000.000 (Music Video!)

This is so catchy! Romanian pop princess Alexandra Stan (sorry, Inna) has premiered the official music video for her latest international single, the super infectious "1.000.000", off the 22-year-old singer's debut album "Saxobeats" - This was the most obvious choice after 'Mr. Saxobeat' and 'Get Back'. If promoted correctly "1.000.000" can slay European, and US charts. I mean, the song is so simple, so generic, but so FIRE at the same time. Kudoz to Alexandra, cuz she adds that 'something' that makes any of her songs so interesting, and fun, lol. Anyhow, point is I like "1.000.000" and the song better smash!! The chorus is just too cute. ("Mili mili on!, Mili mili on! Mili mili mili on!"). As for the music video, well, ehmmm, it's cute too. Although nothing really happens, Alexandra just hangs around wearing different clothes in different scenes, she takes this opportunity to further strut her sexy figure! Check it out.

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What do YOU think of the music video/song?

Alexandra Stan - 1.000.000 (Music Video!) official mv
By on December 22, 2011
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