Alesso & Anitta Serve EDM Bop "Is That For Me": Stream Now!

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Alesso & Anitta Serve EDM Bop "Is That For Me": Stream Now!

Will this be the song that officially launches Anitta’s international career? It could be! We’re very excited!

Swedish DJ and hitmaker Alesso just released a brand new single entitled “Is That For Me” featuring Brazilian pop queen Anitta this Friday morning. “Is That For Me”, which is simply a one-off single for the fall season (no new EP/new album from Alesso announced at this time), is fully sung in English (no Portuguese sorry), and it hears Anitta beautifully singing with perfect pronunciation about the sexual cravings she’s desiring and her hoping her man fulfills her obligations with speed: “Been thinking about it all day / What we're gonna do about it tonight / Up against the wall, up against the wall / No holding back now”. The lyrics may be perceived as a little bit “nasty” but Anitta’s sweet singing make them sound as angelic really. Alesso will give the entire “Is That For Me” song (you get that “that” is, right?) an EDM production that will see its clubby climax in the chorus of course.

We have a strong belief this could be the song Anitta has been patiently waiting to be her international breakout hit. “Paradinha” was sung in Spanish, so the market penetration was limited, “Will I See You” with Poo Bear was sung in English, yes, but it was a ballad, and it had too much of a Latin music influence, but in the case of “Is That For Me”, the language is requirement is checked, it’s up-tempo, it’s EDM-pop, and it’s truthfully an international sound. And on top of everything, the song is a banger and instant to the ear. We don’t want to be super excited but cautious first, but we have the hopes “Is That For Me” will be the turning point moment for Anitta’s career. What’s next? A super hot music video.

*continues bopping*



By on October 13, 2017

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