Alesso & Anitta Drop Jungle-Themed Music Video For "Is That For Me"

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Alesso & Anitta Drop Jungle-Themed Music Video For "Is That For Me"

Check out the official music video for Alesso and Anitta’s debut collaboration “Is That For Me”. The video got uploaded on the Swedish DJ’s YouTube channel yesterday, the same day his new collaborative single was released on digital platforms. We are thrilled! With some artists, we have to wait weeks, or even months to get the music videos for the new singles, but Alesso is one of those artists who like the drop the music videos at the same with the single premiere. And we dig that way of thinking!

Read our first-listen reaction to “Is That For Me” here and watch the single’s official music video below. A quick headlined, though: The video’s as hot as the song!!!


Was that fire or what? Shot in the jungle, probably in Brazil, the “Is That For Me” music video sees queen Anitta donning colorful or animal-print looks as she models in a canoe, performs in front of an enormous tree, jumps up and down in a bra made of huge hanging metal cans, and entices the camera with half her body submerged in a lake full of lily pads.

There are many scenes we loved but if we had to pick our favorites, they’d definitely be the ones where Anitta dances her butt off!!!

By on October 14, 2017

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