Alessia Cara - "The Pains of Growing": Album Lyrics + Official Stream

alessia cara the pains of growing

Read now all the lyrics from Alessia Cara's new album “The Pains of Growing”.

The Pains of Growing” is the second studio album by Canadian singer songwriter Alessia Cara. It's scheduled for global release on November 30th via Def Jam. This album comes three years after Alessia’s critically-acclaimed debut LP “Know-It-All”.

“The Pains of Growing” is made of 15 tracks in total.

The producers who helped Alessia make this album a reality were: Pop & Oak, No I.D., Ricky Reed and Rick Nowels.

The release of this new album was preceded by the official singles “Growing Pains” and “Trust My Lonely”.

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1. "Growing Pains

2. "Not Today"

3. "I Don't Want To"

4. "7 Days"

5. "Trust My Lonely"

6. "Wherever I Live"

7. "All We Know"

8. "A Little More"

9. "Comfortable"

10. "Nintendo Game"

11. "Out of Love"

12. "Girl Next Door"

13. "My Kind"

14. "Easier Said"

15. "Growing Pains (Reprise)"


By on November 29, 2018
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