Alessia Cara Cries Black Tears In "Not Today" Music Video

alessia cara not today video
alessia cara not today video premiere
alessia cara not today video youtube

Alessia Cara premiered the music video for her latest single “Not Today” this Tuesday (Nov. 27) on YouTube. As you may know, “Not Today” is my favorite song to date from the Canadian singer's upcoming second studio album “The Pains of Growing” - which is arriving in stores on November 30th. So yes, I'm happy this is getting a music video, and so soon after it got released on digital platforms. Still, I'm a bit worried about the first week sales of “The Pains of Growing”. Alessia hasn't been able to get a hit prior to the release of the album and I worry this will penalize her sales-wise in the very important first week. I'm mad at her for not releasing not today as the lead single instead of “Growing Pains”. Because of that bad decision this era started with the wrong foot unfortunately.

Back to the “Not Today” music video, it sees Alessia Cara crying black tears, eating her vegetables, jumping up and down on her bed and taking a shower with her clothes on. Oh my!


By on November 28, 2018
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