Alesha Dixon Releases “The Way We Are”, Her Best Song Since 2008: Watch Its Summery Music Video Now!

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This may not be winning any BRIT or Grammy award any time soon but it’s Alesha Dixon’s best song since 2008 (remember the days of “The Boy Does Nothing” and “Breathe Slow”?) and we need to celebrate it.

It’s truly been a lifetime since I had heard a good song from Alesha (her last album, 2010’s “The Entertainer” was just a mess) and I really was starting to think she was going to retire from music and just keep on doing her thing as judge on Britain’s Got Talent – as that’s her main moneymaker right now and maybe she wanted to prioritize it. But NO, music’s Alesha’s true passion, and although her new album is still in the works (to be released independently, though, via Precious Stone Records), the lead single is already ready and that’s what the former Misteeq star premiered today (May 19) alongside its accompanying music video. Check out “The Way We Are” below:

It’s so early 00’s dance music, isn’t it? I really like it.

As I said earlier in the post, it most likely won’t be winning an award anytime soon, it’s nothing ground-breaking either but it’s an awesome positive song, dance-y, anthemic, sounds like it could be a Top 10 hit in the UK this summer (Alesha’s CONFIRMED performance on Britain’s Got Talent later this season will definitely secure this) and Europe, and it’s by far Alesha Dixon’s best song/single since 2008. Uh-huh, seven years people!

As for the “The Way We Are” music vid, it was shot at some beach town where Alesha could have fun with her friends on the sand and make a bonfire, and explore the city center’s beautiful architecture. Alesha’s best look in the clip is hands down the golden swimsuit in the by the rocks scenes.

“The Way We Are” screams SUMMER so much and its music video is making me so excited about the fun beach times I’m gonna have later this hot season.


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By on May 19, 2015
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