Ex-Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon Breaks Down Over Fear of Flop With Solo Album on "The Talk" [Must-Watch]

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I feel your pain, Adrienne Bailon. I make this promise to you: if you release your debut album, I am going to buy it - it would be the first album I buy as a whole in a long time (Spotify is my BFF now). This shows how much this has moved me.

The ex-Cheetah Girl, ex-3LW star opened up about her failed promise to fans to release a solo album and continue her music career following a Twitter question read on a recent episode of CBS’ “The Talk”. Watch the emotional moment below:

My heart just broke.

This was truly sad to watch.

Adrienne was my favorite 3LW member and my second favorite Cheetah Girl after Raven Symone, although I think Adrienne is the best singer of the two. She was signed to Def Jam some years ago but no real work ever came into fruition so she departed the label. Ever since that her music career has been stalled with the very scarce exceptions; like when a couple of unfinished tracks leaked on the Internet such as “Infectious” – which honestly was a pretty good!

So why has Adrienne stopped singing? That’s what she addressed on “The Talk” this week.

After some support words from her “Talk” sisters and an inspiring speech by Tamar Braxton, Adrienne broke into tears and explained she’s afraid to put out a debut album because it MIGHT flop and she’s really scared of the consequences (professionally and personally) that that failure would mean. Also, Adrienne said that she’s not at all comfortable with her singing voice; she told “The Talk” viewers and co-host that ever since the Cheetah Girls – where they encouraged her to deliver a ‘young’ voice – she’s unable to like the way her voice sounds in a record.

Adrienne, girl, shake off all your fears. I agree with Tamar, just do what your heart tells you without fear. SO WHAT if you only sell 1000 copies in your first week, at least you would have released something that you’ve dreaming about all your life and that you are proud of!


adrienne breaks down on the talk
By on January 29, 2015
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