Adele Visits 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

Adele Visits 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

The incomparable Adele appeared on Saturday' episode of Jonathan Ross's new ITV 1 show - There the chart-slayer offered a stunning live rendition of her song "Turning Tables" (is Adele thinking of releasing this as the next UK single?), as well as having a 10-minute sit down chat with the English TV personality. During the interview, Adele revealed she'll be returning to the studio in November, not to commence a new album, but to record the theme song of an upcoming film (rumor has it, the track might be for a new James Bond movie). Adele also talked about her recent US tour, her albums '19', and '21', among other things. Oh, Adele's performance was stunning despite she was suffering from a cold. She is that good!


By on September 4, 2011

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