Adele Slays "All I Ask" & "When We Were Young" On "Ellen" [VIDEO]

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Adele Slays "All I Ask" & "When We Were Young" On "Ellen" [VIDEO]

Queen of universe Adele was the musical guest on today’s episode of “The Ellen Show” on American TV (Feb. 18). The mother of Angelo took the main stage to perform two songs from her critically-acclaimed third studio album “25”. These were: the new official single “When We Were Young” and “All I Ask”. And that is correct, “All I Ask” was too the song that Adele performed this past Monday night at the Grammys, and where unfortunately her performance suffered an audio technical problem. And here my sixth sense is telling me that it was Adele’s suggestion to Ellen’s team that she could sing a second song today if they let her. That second song evidently being “All I Ask”. The reason? That she could redeem herself in public an on TV after what happened at the Grammys a few days ago. Usually musical guests on “The Ellen Show” don’t get to do two songs so here is on what I base my aforementioned theory. Obviously, the main song had to be “When We Were Young” as this is the song picked by Adele’s label to be the new “25” single, and by the way, the music video for “When We Were Young” should be dropping soon. (allegedly she shot it last month or so...).

Update: I do see "All I Ask" charting higher than "WWWY" on iTunes now. Could Adele's label be thinking of moving straight to the third single instead and cancel the premiere of the "WWWY" video?

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What can I say about Adele’s performances on “Ellen”? They were magnificent. The voice of this woman is just ridiculous, and her stage presence is so strong.

Today must’ve been a very special day for the crowd in Ellen’s studio, for nowadays it’s very rare to get to see Adele do a show as intimate as today’s was. What’s the capacity of Ellen’s set? 150 people? They were so lucky to witness Adele in live performing mode. So lucky.

The slayage was real?

By on February 18, 2016

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