Adam Lambert's "Two Fux" In Studio Version Is Much Better: Single Premiere

adam lambert two fux

I may have been wrong, haven’t I? When “Two Fux” was live-debuted a few days ago I thought it was impossible to be Adam Lambert’s lead single from his forthcoming album as it sounded too Queen (he performed it the legendary rock band on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”), too dramatic, and too Broadway-ish. However, the studio the version of “Two Fux” was released today (June 30) on digital stores and my mind has drastically changed. Now I think it could be Adam Lambert’s first single from his upcoming fourth studio album and it could work on radios.

Listen below:

What a difference, huh? The production in the studio version, in comparison to the live performance, sounds more modern and commercial, so as Adam’s vocals; which sound a little less dramatic and Broadway. And although it’s the true the whole of the song isn’t Top 40 radio-approved, there are some catchy moment, like the “Namaste right here” lyric, which I can’t get out of my mind only after one listen. Why couldn’t “Two Fux” have been titled “Namaste”? That would have been an amazing and certainly more attention-grabbing title.

Summing up, I owe Adam Lambert an apology. I’m team “Two Fux” now and this could be an unexpected little hit for him if he promotes it adequately and gives it show-stopping live performances on TV (without Queen, though. The original production is what’s best).

By on June 30, 2017
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