Adam Lambert Performed “Welcome To The Show” On “American Idol” With LALEH…And It Was Kinda Awkward: Watch

adam lambert american idol 2016
adam lambert american idol 2016 performance

Adam Lambert fulfilled his schedule and performed his “new single” “Welcome To The Show” live on yesterday’s episode of “American Idol” (March 17). As you must already know by now, Adam released this new song yesterday too on iTunes, and it is just some new music he decided to release at this time of the year as a little gift to fans and to have an excuse to be asked to perform on the very last season of “Idol” - which is always, despite its declining ratings, a good promo outlet for artists.

As expected, Adam Lambert slayed his “Welcome To The Show” live rendition with his powerful vocals. I mean, if the slayage was real for me watching it on YouTube, can you imagine how the slayage must’ve been seeing Adam in the studio performing live? Sick! Mr. Lambert is undoubtedly one of the best exports that will have ever come out of “Idol”.

Was this “Welcome To The Show” performance completely PERFECT? Unfortunately there WERE a few negatives things to highlight: 1) the hideous white leather jacket and boots Adam was wearing and 2) the “contribution” of this girl Laleh. She may be famous in Sweden (where she is from), and may have a pretty voice, but her participation on last night’s “Welcome To The Show” “Idol” performance was a bit of a mess. It was all very weird. She didn’t have chemistry with Adam on stage (he didn't even introduce her, lol), she looked lost, and I don’t know…it all felt awkward. I don’t mean to offend, but I think Adam should’ve performed solo yesterday.


By on March 18, 2016
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