Adam Lambert Gets Shirtless In Late “Welcome To The Show” Music Video: Watch

adam lambert welcome to the show video
adam lambert welcome to the show video premiere

One would say this music video comes a little too late.

Three months ago Adam Lambert released a new single, featuring up-and-coming Swedish songstress Laleh, titled “Welcome to the Show” (not included on “The Original High”). The single didn’t really do much on the charts nor on radio then so we simply assumed it was dead and forgotten. But today (July 6) Adam decided to “revive” “Welcome to the Show” by premiering an official music video on YouTube.

Has this music video been three months in the making? I really want to ask Adam this. I want him to explain the logic of premiering this video so late.

Directed by Lee Cherry, the “Welcome to the Show” music video is pretty basic. Adam and Laleh singing the song straight to the camera, really pulling through getting close-up shots to their faces, as some visual effects are applied to their scenes.

For those really “into” Adam, some scenes of the video see him all shirtless.

UPDATE: Seems like there’s a proper explanation for this late and low-budget music video after all. Here’s what Adam’s written online:

"I also felt a strong feeling of empowerment in creating this video independent of the label system" he wrote. "It was time to shoot this one on my own. This video isn’t about selling a song, or product placement, or racking up viral views. This is intended simply as a creative expression."

So Adam shot this video without any label support. OK, now I get it. Pretty commendable for an artist to pay for his own music video.

What do you think of the video?

By on July 6, 2016
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