Adam Friedman On Summery New Single “Lemonade”, Being Friends With Mike Posner & Wishing For An Avicii Collaboration: DirectLyrics Interview

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Adam Friedman On Summery New Single “Lemonade”, Being Friends With Mike Posner & Wishing For An Avicii Collaboration: DirectLyrics Interview

The time has come to meet a new artist that’s recently impacted in the music world. Named Adam Friedman, this talented man hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona released his debut single, a sweet piano ballad, “Pretty Things” a few months and with it he experienced very early in his career what success tastes like. “Pretty Things” topped the US Viral Chart on Spotify, it reached the Top 10 on the Global Viral Chart, and eventually the music streaming juggernaut labeled Adam as “One of Pop’s Rising Artists”.

Today, Adam Friedman, who’s a very good friend of “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” star Mike Posner (Adam has written and produced songs for Mike in the past), is promoting his new single titled “Lemonade” - with US radios already backing it up intensely. “Lemonade”, which has a "Sam Cooke-meets-Jack Johnson feel", is a summery laid-back indie-pop number, a tribute to the pretty ladies in the West Coast, and a song that has it all to become a Spotify viral hit in the US just as its predecesor, and even transcend more this time appearing on the Billboard charts. “Lemonade” is GOOD. Play it once and you won’t be able to not put it on constant repeat. This is exactly the right kind of music that you’ll be wanting to play in your car like while driving by the coast this summer.

Direct Lyrics recently caught up with Adam Friedman to talk about the origins of his music career, his Spotify success, his new single “Lemonade”, his friendship with Mike Posner, a hopeful collaboration with Avicii one day, his very important TV debut on NBC’s “The Today Show” this June 22, among other things. Do not miss this exclusive interview below!

The Interview

1. Hi Adam! Where are you answering this Q&A from and how’s your day been like so far?

I’m in my apartment in Santa Monica. My days been good so far! The coffee has infiltrated my body. Excited to go exercise after the interview.

2. In a moment we will talk about “Lemonade” and your previous single “Pretty Things”, but for those who want to know about the origins of Adam Friedman as a musician, and his journey to the point of releasing music on major platforms, what would be a short summary?

I started playing guitar at 9, began recording myself on my tape machine by 10, learned every blink-182 song on guitar by 14, got heavily into film music by age 15, became obsessed with soul and blues music by age 18, went to college for music from 19-23, now, at age 25, I’m in LA still obsessed with music and even more obsessed with making it. I play Drums, Piano, Guitar, and sing. I also consider the computer an instrument I play as well.

3. Your song “Pretty Things” topped Spotify’s US Viral Chart, it debuted at #10 on the Global Viral Chart, and Spotify called you “One of Pop’s Rising Artists” earlier this year. How did you react to the performance of your song on this very important streaming platform, and what do you think of your inclusion in that “one’s to watch” list?

(1) When Pretty Things started reacting positively on spotify I felt really good about it. It was really exciting! I’m an independent artist, it was my first release, and I got to write that song with amazing writers so to see it react well was a sign from the universe saying: keep going dude!!

(2) I’m honored! Spotify has given me a world stage to begin my artist career on and I could not be more grateful for that. It energizes me to keep making music that I love and to share it with the spotify community and beyond that, the world!

4. We know that you are good friends with Mike Posner. How exactly did your friendship come to being, what do you think of him as an artist, and what do you think of his recent global hit with “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”?

My publisher introduced me to him the first week I moved to LA. I’m so grateful for that. Mikes one of my dearest friends now. As an Artist, he works really hard at being transparent and honest with his audience. I really admire that sort of honesty. The world could use more of it. And to see how hard he works first hand, it’s very inspiring for me. And plus, his music is part sophisticated, part simple, part heartfelt, part dope so naturally I love it.

5. For those who haven’t had the chance to hear it yet, but must do so immediately, what’s the sound of your new single “Lemonade” and what’s the story of it?

It sounds like the beach. It’s a real kick back song inspired by Sam Cooke/Jack Johnson. That sort of world. Most of the songs I’ve been writing lately are deeper more “thinking” sort of songs so it was really fun for me to do the opposite with Lemonade.

6. Mike Posner features on “Lemonade”. How did you get him to record a verse for your new single, and what do you think he adds to the song?

He offered... I said hell yeah! He brings that Mike Posner vibe to the song that only he can bring. I really love it.

adam friedman lemonade new single

7. What’s your current label situation, and can we expect to have full-length album or an EP from you soon? “Lemonade” is not enough!.

I’m independant. I work with an amazing business partner, Max Snow. He’s a legend. Without him, I wouldn't be answering these questions and my music wouldn't have the platform that it does now. I’m truly humbled to work someone so great. EP’s in the oven! Hopefuly around September we’ll take it out.

8. On June 22 you will be performing “Lemonade” on NBC’s “The Today Show”. How did you get that slot and what will it mean for you to perform on such a legendary TV show?

Max got my music in front of Elvis Duran who has a segment on the Today Show every month called Artist Of The Month. Elvis chose me and now I get to play on Today Show. I’m SO exited!! Just another dream coming true.

9. What are the 5 songs that you’re heavily playing these days on your phone?

1. Younger - Seinabo Sey

2. Avicii - Hey Brother

3. Nas - I Can

4. Nina Simone - I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

5. Time - Hans Zimmer

10. If you could record a collaboration with any artist that’s hot right now, who would it be, why him/her, and how do you imagine to be like?

I’d love to work with Avicii. I love everything he does from production to musicality to songwriting. I think there would be loads of good vibes and it would be a lot of fun.

11. How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Healthy, a BUNCH more songs written with a BUNCH more people, maybe a new surfboard, have explored more of Europe/seen more of the world.

12. Thank you Adam for your time. Any last thing you’d like to share with our readers?

It feels better to struggle and fight for what you know is right in your heart then to struggle for what’s easier. I’m happy to be where I am today!

By on June 13, 2016

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